Father's Day

Is Violence Necessary in TTRPGs? – Michael Low

todayJune 18, 2022


I’m joined by father, educator, and game designer Michael Low for this Father’s Day Weekend special episode. One of the issues many people have with tabletop role playing games is the emphasis on violence or conflict resolution by combat. Michael Low has developed a game that is not reliant on combat to create drama in the story. Check out this amazing interview as we talk about being gaming dads and how he made tabletop role playing games something better for his family and his students.   For the young gamers and aspiring writers visit Luck of Legends at www.luckoflegends.com   Get a copy of Stories RPG at https://storiesrpg.com/stories-rpg-one-sheet/ You can also reach Michael Low on Twitter @LuckLegends

Written by: GM Nick

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