Month: July 2022

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Season 6

Sojourners Awake – Jonathan Hardin

I'm joined by Jonathan Hardin of Sojourners Awake where we talk about gaming with family. We discuss how tabletop role playing games can help you slay the monsters in your own life and equip your children with the abilities to overcome challenges as adults.  

todayJuly 19, 2022

Season 6

Bard RPG – Scriv the Bard

Happy Independence Day! Scriv the Bard is a Cultural Psychologist who uses RPGs and Storytelling to help families and young people. She is the creator of The Heroes of Iyastera, a family-friendly adventure setting. You can follow her for more content on Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch! Visit Scriv the Bard and visit her current Kickstarter for Bard RPG !

todayJuly 4, 2022