Month: October 2020

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Season 3

The Actress & The Owlbear – Jessica Hutchinson & Darryl Browne

I'm joined by actress, Jessica Hutchinson, and, The Tabletop Owlbear, Darryl Browne, as we discuss the place where profession meets hobby and family meets fun. Jessica and Darryl tell their history of experiencing tabletop role playing games. They also include the origin story of The Tabletop Owlbear as Darryl online Twitter persona.  

todayOctober 18, 2020

Season 3

Call of Cthulhu – Jon Hook

I talk with author Jon Hook about running horror games for kids. We talk about how to answer the Call of Cthulhu using Chaosium RPG system and trading sanity for mythos. Join us as we get ready to make our October game tables a lot more scary in this Halloween Special.  

todayOctober 4, 2020