Month: May 2024

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S9E5: Simply Samurai – Spencer Waddell

I am joined by actor, historian, model, and internationally accredited stuntman, Spencer Waddell. We discuss how D&D at a young age inspired him to become a real life professional swordsman. We talk about the SCA, HEMA, AMMA, and historical African martial arts and how tabletop role playing games approach combat in different systems. Listen Here     Follow Simply_Samurai on Instagram Find out more about... The Society of Creative Anachronism […]

todayMay 18, 2024

Mother's Day

S9E4: DungeonMasterMoms – Nicole Griffith

This is our 2024 Mother's Day Special! I'm joined by Instagram content creator Nicole Griffith @dungeonmastermoms and we talk about gaming and painting miniatures with young children. Nicole shares how playing D&D has had a positive effect on her family and how it can benefit yours as well. Listen Here   Follow: DungeonMasterMoms Rogues Gallery  

todayMay 2, 2024