Month: September 2020

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Season 3

Dalreth – Darrin Anderson

An exclusive interview with Darrin Anderson, creator of Dalreth: Haven in the Ice. He tells how his son, Jack, becomes the driving force and co-creator of this amazing new fantasy setting for D&D5e. You'll hear the origin of Dalreth: Haven in Ice plus be the first to find out about the new races, classes, and spells you'll get to play there.  

todaySeptember 18, 2020

Season 3

The Mindful DM – Jeremiah Kaplan

The Mindful DM, Jeremiah Kaplan, talks about gaming with his own children. He describes using Dungeons and Dragons as a vehicle to help children at his synagogue learn the stories and history of the Jewish people through the Tanakh/Old Testament. Jeremiah's success with using interactive storytelling for education has developed into a project using D&D for mental health.  

todaySeptember 4, 2020