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Season 5

TTRPGkids – Stephanie Campbell

Stephanie Campbell, blogger-mom and game designer. She is behind the incredible resource and StoryGuider game system for younger players. Stephanie Campbell creates a resource for families to find tabletop role playing games that work best for their family and showcases indie creators that make amazing games for kids.

todayJanuary 4, 2022

Season 5

The Griffin & Gargoyle Tavern – Daniel Colwell & Michael Paylor

Daniel Colwell and Michael Paylor tell how their love for tabletop role playing games has lead to their creation of The Griffin and Gargoyle Tavern. This interactive dining and gaming experience will be only available in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, the birth place of Dungeons and Dragons. Daniel and Michael give us a behind the scenes look and foreshadow the adventures to come at The Griffin and Gargoyle.  

todayDecember 4, 2021

Season 5

Family Fantasy RPG – Dr. Colin Anderson

The creator of Family Fantasy RPG, Doctor Colin Anderson discusses running tabletop role playing games for young players, how to handle violence in role playing games, and his incredible three tier system designed to help families with younger players.  

todayNovember 18, 2021

Season 5

Year 2 Celebration – Live Event

Our 2 year anniversary was a Facebook Live Event featuring 11 return guests from seasons 1 - 4 and prizes for the audience in attendance. The guests included Rob Gruber of Good Times Games, Martin Lloyd of Amazing Tales, David Thompson of Everlore, Derek White the Geek Preacher, Thor Knai of Heavy Dragon, Jodie Brandt of QuestWise, BJ Hensley of Playground Adventures, Chris Pramas of Green Ronin Publishing, Diogo Nogueira […]

todayNovember 7, 2021

Season 5

The Side Quest – Chris & Jeanette Mack

Meet the power couple, Chris and Jeanette, behind the family run gaming club, The Side Quest. Their relationship started around the gaming table and they have raised 3 sons to adulthood with a love for creativity and gaming as a family. They share how gaming evolves as your children grow into adults and how gaming keeps them all close.

todayOctober 18, 2021

Season 5

Quests of Yore – Pat Marino

Disney Pixar's Onward centers on a game called Quests of Yore, Pat Marino the Game Design Manager at USAoply shares his story of a love for gaming and the amazing behinds the scenes tale of creating the tabletop role playing game, Quests of Yore: Barley's Edition

todayOctober 4, 2021

Season 5

DnD Adventure Club – David Lemke

DnD Adventure Club founder and president, David Lemke. We talk about growing up on Dungeons and Dragons, how tabletop role playing games help develop skills for adulthood, and how DnD Adventure Club helps young gamers become a Game Master. David Lemke shares his story of a love for gaming and his daughter inspired him to create DnD Adventure Club.

todaySeptember 18, 2021

Season 5

Homeschool Connections – Marlana Weber

This is our Back to School special. Marlana Weber of shares the benefits of playing tabletop role playing games as a Catholic homeschooling family and how she is helping build online communities of gaming homeschoolers.  

todaySeptember 4, 2021

Season 5

Superhero RPGs – Zach Cardarelli

12 year old artist and comic book enthusiast, Zach Cardarelli. He discusses his passion for comic books and art lead him to love Super Hero role playing games like Mutants and Masterminds and Save the Day RPG. He talks about playing his favorite heroes from the comic book pages. He tells how the annual Free Comic Book Day event and his subscription to DC Universe Infinite have influenced his drive […]

todayAugust 18, 2021

Season 5

Tabletale Games – Emily Wills & Alejandro Tey

Season 5 premiere episode features Emily Wills and Alejandro Tey of Tabletale Games. They combine their mutual love of tabletop role playing games and theater to create an amazing experience for children and their families. Listen as they share their individual journeys that leads to a better online tabletop experience for everyone.

todayAugust 4, 2021