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Mother's Day

The Crafting Muse – Vee Muse

Vee Muse, The Crafting Muse, shares her story of how gaming with her family lead to becoming an internet sensation. How she became one of the Dungeon Masters in the exclusive game convention, Dungeons and Dragons in a Castle. Eventually, working for a major game company.  

todayMay 7, 2020

Mother's Day

My Better Half – Cassandra Cardarelli

Cassandra and I discuss our experiences raising our children on D&D. She shares how she became an avid role player. I gives advice as both an educator and a mom on how to help parents draw their children into the fun past time of tabletop role playing games.    

todayMay 6, 2020

Mother's Day

Playground Adventures – BJ Hensley

Famous writer, publisher, mom, and gamer, B.J. Hensley, talks with us about raising her children around the game table. Gives insight into her own game company, Playground Adventures. How role playing games help families, children, and women.    

todayMay 4, 2020

Season 2

Lost in the Fantasy World – Diogo Nogueira

Raised on DnD bonus episode, brings you Diogo Nogueira creator of Solar Blades and Cosmic Spells, Dark Streets and Darker Secrets, and, the soon to be available, Lost in The Fantasy World. We discuss Old School RPGs and playing role playing games with family.

todayApril 18, 2020

Season 2

Teacher Gamer Handbook – Zachary Reznichek

Zachary Reznichek, the author of the Teacher Gamer Handbook, talks about education opportunities using role playing games in the classroom. He gives his advice for educators and parents to help integrate games into their students' or children's school. He gives a detailed insight into his Teacher Gamer Handbook.

todayApril 4, 2020

Season 1

D&D/RPGs with Kids & Family – Brandon Traynor

Mid-Month Short, Raised on DnD bonus episode, brings you Brandon Traynor the creator of the Facebook group "Dungeons and Dragons, Role Playing Games with Kids and Family" We talk about how social media helps families and enriches their home tabletop role playing games.

todayMarch 21, 2020

Season 1

Third Eye Games – Eloy LaSanta

Eloy LaSanta, creator of Third Eye Games, talks about The Pip System and its use as a universal game system for any genre of game play. He explains the inspiration of Mermaid Adventures and Infestation. He talks about the new edition for Part-Time Gods.  

todayMarch 4, 2020

Season 1

Adventurer’s Guild – Brian Mathers & Charles Frierman

Mid-Month Short, Raised on DnD bonus episode, two librarians, Brian Mathers and Charles Frierman, have created a safe and fun environment for preteens and teens to play Dungeons and Dragons at their local library. They explain the inspiration and the process of getting a library based gaming community established in central Florida.  

todayFebruary 23, 2020

Season 1

Life of the Party – Travis Hanson

Raised on DnD guest is Travis Hanson, the creator of Life of the Party: Realities of a RPG'er. Travis talks about comic book conventions, creating the successful web comic series Life of the Party: Realities of a RPG'er, sharing role playing games with his family, and how comics and role playing games work together in geek culture.  

todayFebruary 4, 2020

Season 1

Using Languages in RPGs – DM Josh

Mid-Month Short, a Raised on DND bonus episode, Dungeon Master Josh, age 12, tells his secrets and gives examples of mimicking sound effects, using foreign and fantasy languages in his role playing games to help deepen the immersion into the game.    

todayJanuary 13, 2020