Raised on DND podcast brings you inspirational interviews with tips to enrich your family’s gaming experience! New episodes on the 4th & 18th of each month.

Our story

For over a decade, we have shared pictures and stories of  playing tabletop role playing games as a family. Friends began asking for advice about gaming with their own children. We realized we had quite a bit of experience & support to offer. Wanting to broaden our outreach, Raised on DnD podcast was born. The goal of this podcast is to inspire families, educators, and community members to share their love of tabletop role playing games with the next generation.  

Nick Cardarelli

Raised on DnD By Nick Cardarelli

About Nick Cardarelli
Nick is a gamer with 30+ years of experience & a love for storytelling.  He is also a father to 3 young gamers and founder of an enduring local tabletop role playing game society. He has decided to put his degree in communications to work for the global role playing game community by bringing together inspiring & innovative gamers from all walks of life. His guests tell their own personal stories of how they were Raised on DnD, are Raising others on DnD, or sharing their love of tabletop role playing with the world.

Nick Cardarelli podcast

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